I know what you’re thinking and what you must think of me now. I’m sorry but this is what I have to do and what I need to do. I need to move on with my life and if I want to move forward I can’t be taking 3 steps forward and 1 step back. If I’m not.with you I can’t be who you want me to be. Its just how it is and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for how I’m acting and it kills me..

meeting you was fate. becoming your friend was a choice, but failing in love with you i had no control over

Been so stressed out with so many things. I just need to keep focused on the things that are happening right now even when there are bumps on the road.

Im greatful for having such a wonderful girlfriend in the world. You’ve support in what i want and support me in the time of need. I really do appreciate everything you do for me from putting up with me to doing things that make me happy and smile. It means a lot to me when ur there for me when recently i needed you the most and you were there by my side through it all. It hard for me now to concentrate on so many things. But i know for sure that i want to do whatever i can and will do everything to show you how much you mean to me and how much i love you. From the bottom of my heart to the last speck of dust of love. I love how you arent like those girls out there that cant be faithful and be truthful to their boyfriends. I know you wouldnt hide anything from me and be straightforward with me. It means a lot to me. I love you more than anything on this planet and i want to be there for you for everything as well. I dont know but i just cant explain my love for you. Its indescribable. What weve been through and what weve accomplished youre the greatest and more than anyone can ask for. Your sleeping next to me right now like a little princess. <3 Sorry you had to wait so long for me to come back from my errand. I was sitting there and thinking about you the whole time. well i bought you panera bread with the sandwich you like to eat with a salad! =) also with an apple because ur an apple to my eye with a strawberry smoothie! well idk what else to say but i love you thao ly.

This is gonna be a long and stressful year. Im up for it. SCHOOL, WORK and the thing on the weekend. =( Its gonna be tiring i know i dont wanna face because its gonna be hard, but i gotta. Ive been getting myself together recently and its been going good. Im not gonna let this bump stop my momentum. I dont need anyone to push me i know what im capable of. I know when i need to change and its time for me to change. I knew that at some point i was gonna figure out what i need to do and its now. This is the point in my life that ive been waiting for so i can change the things i need to change in my life.

I had so much faith in us I guess faith wasnt enough.

You don’t understand.

I know that I say things about when ur on the phone and stuff but I don’t mean it its just me being stupid. I’m sorry. Im just tired of doing and saying things then apologizing. I don’t know where to go and what to do.

i need some change in my life.

FIRST i need to force myself out of a bed a certain time and actually waking up.

Take more classes at school and take summer school classes at de anza and maybe evc.. 

Get better grades.

Stop slacking off in school ! number one priority as well..

pay off all debts… =(

Life will bring out the best in you. Dont take what you have for granted and make yourself happy with everyone around you. Make the people that make you happy, happy.